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Top 5 Reasons to Ski

Why our participants love skiing just as much as we do

Top 5 Reasons to Ski

By Sophia Berg on February 10, 2022

Kate is 26 with Cerebral Palsy AND is a rockstar guest! Here are Kate’s top 5 reasons she loves skiing:

  1. The progress I make on the hill each year. Who would have thought I’d go from being a sit skier to being able to ski standing up, holding on to a pole, and then winning skier of the year! It’s been an incredible journey.
  2. Getting to ski with my sister is so special!
  3. Spending time with my incredible coaches, who are constantly setting the bar higher, with new things for me to try every year.
  4. How my ski journey started – I was in grade 7, and all the students got to go skiing every Friday in January. The day before the first ski day (the day after my 13th birthday), I found out I got to go all the Fridays and ski with my classmates! I’ll never forget that!
  5. Getting to hang out with some pretty awesome people. I have made some lifelong friends through skiing.
Kate, dressed in black, uses a stand up outrigger to take to the slopes

Kaye is just 6 years old and is legally blind. She has been crushing her lessons and even made it to the Panorama summit for the first time ever a few weeks ago! Here are Kaye’s top 5 reasons she loves skiing:

  1. Snack breaks
  2.  Ski vacations
  3. Going on mountain adventuress
  4. Skiing with friends
  5. Monkey trails!

What’s not to love about a day on the slopes? Because we can’t seem to find anything!

Kaye follows her instructor down the slopes

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