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Meet the Team

Together we are stronger. Driven by a shared commitment to accessible recreation, our team of board members, staff, and over 300 trained volunteers is passionate to share their love for the outdoors with you.

The guiding minds

Our Board


Ian Hipkins


Megan Cotterell


Clive Morgan


Matthew Corkum


Tatiana Wagner


Nick Boyle

The engine that powers

Our Staff

Executive Director

Jamie McCulloch

Communications & Fundraising Coordinator

Vick McCulloch

Bookings Coordinator

Jocelyn Smuin

Volunteer Coordinator

Jenni Bowles

Outreach Coordinator

Janine Giles

Program Manager

Kim Cosman

Program Coordinator

Lisa Maher

Lead Instructor

George Shelton

Neilsen Project Lead

Dave Sagal

The faithful

Our Volunteers

Lead Volunteer

Carole Levasseur

Lead Volunteer

Marie Olney

Lead Volunteer

Maria Lau