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Rocky Mountain Adaptive is proud to be sponsored by generous and like minded organisations who believe in the power of adaptive sports.


Without the funds provided via sponsorship, RMA couldn’t create life-changing opportunities for individuals of all abilities. Sponsors are divided into 5 elite levels to reflect their range of support.

No Limits

The full package, including Event VIP status.



A high end avenue, which comes with access to all events.



Access to newsletter and speaking engagements.



A great package that comes with corporate adventures.



Our base level, with access to the website and social media.



Variable funding which covers the cost of specialized adaptive equipment and adaptations.


Covering the cost of running accessible and inclusive programs.


Community Partners provide program support or partnerships which allow us to enhance our wide range of inclusive recreation.


With the support and generosity of our numerous community supporters, who share our passion, Rocky Mountain Adaptive is able to continue providing unique adaptive sport and recreational experiences.


Provide substantial funds to support the organisational growth of RMA's operations and programming


Provide generous donations supporting the incredible expansion of RMA’s adaptive programs.
Adam Reeves
Barbara Warren
Brenda Cherry
Carmen Neufeld
Catherine Coste
Chris Lares
Clint Cawsey
Colin Jackson
David Todd
Don & Donna Rees
Glenn & Peggy Wong
Gord & Dianne Pommen
Jacqueline McGrath
McCulloch Family
Jane Stark
Jillian McGrath
Lillian Bailey
Marie Olney
Marnie Dansereau
Michael Mezei & Andrea Hopps
Mike Jablonicky
Mike Wojcik
Monica Olney
Rutledge Family
Nicholas Ries
MacDonald Family
Penney Gaul
Peter Poole
Robert Shelton
Rosen Family
Ryan Bathgate
Ryan Brehon
Steve Horner
Susan Palidis
Werner & Ana Zullig
Fred Swaine
Pat & Will Steward