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Reely Cool Equipment

Something fishy is going on

Reely Cool Equipment

By Justin Schlitt on May 5, 2021

Whether it be the versatility of the TrailRiders or the awesome speed of the Bowheads, there are so many options for even more fun activities. With that being said, I am happy to introduce a couple of new toys that we will get to play with soon.

A child learns to fish by a lake guided by an instructor

First on our list of new gadgets is the AbleArm made by HandiAccessories. This simple attachment does a whole lot, allowing the user to keep a comfortable but firm grip on a fishing rod without needing to rely on their hands. What’s even cooler is that this little tool can also be used to hold golf clubs and a variety of other tools.

Another new gizmo, also made by HandiAccessories is the REEL Deal. The REEL deal attaches to almost any fishing reel and lets the user bring in the line with only the strength of their arms using a Velcro palm attachment. Both these tools are great for people that don’t have a lot of strength in their hands or limited motor skills. I find them super neat, as they don’t require any additional equipment and can be used with most any fishing gear.

Justin and Marie smiling at the camera, both wearing purple

While those are pretty cool, what about something for our visually impaired friends? We have got you covered! The next piece of equipment we have added are these clever little LED noise makers. These gadgets clip on to any rod and all you have to do is thread the line through it so that when something pulls hard enough, i.e. lunch, the devices begins to emit sounds and flash. This added stimulus helps make sure that so that no fish gets away.

Kayaker on a lake by themselves

Now, I am sure our eagle-eyed readers will have noticed a bit of a trend emerge with these new gadgets. Sure enough, these devices are meant to go fishing. More specifically, this new equipment is meant to help make our new Get Hooked Try it camp as accessible as possible. Taking place on August 22nd, this opportunity is absolutely free…or should I say this oppor-tuna-ty is ab-sol-lutly free.

In all seriousness, if you would be interested in trying some of this equipment, consider signing up for our new Get Hooked Try it camp. Taking place on Sunday August 22nd, all are welcome to come enjoy a day of fishing. For ages 5 and up, all are invited, whether you are an experienced fisher, looking to get back into the sport or completely new to fishing — come spend a fun day on the water. Our Try-It camp will help make your fishing goals a reel-ity (last one, I promise). For more information, have a look at our website here. Spaces are limited, so sign up quick!

lake reflecting mountains and trees

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