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Looking to raise some cash for your favourite charity, but don’t know how? There are many ways in which you can host your own fundraiser!

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Fundraising Ideas

Thank you for your interest in making a difference in our community. There are many ways to raise funds while having a great time too! If what you have in mind isn’t listed below, be sure to reach out. A personalised fundraising form can be set up for your chosen fundraiser where fund will go straight to RMA and each donor receives a Canadian tax receipt.


When a birthday or celebration is coming up, ask your friends or family for donations in lieu of gifts.

Night Out

Organize a staff or public movie night, concert, dinner, art show, or play and accept donations for entry.

Special Event

Organise any number of events such as an open day, special event, tournament, competition, or festival and charge for entry

Sponsored Challenge

Choose a goal to complete and get sponsored to reach it by sharing your fundraiser with those you know.

Bake Sale

Compete to bake the best treat, or simply charge a flat rate for each baked good that  someone purchases.

Scavenger Hunt

Set up a local scavenger or treasure hunt and invite people to take part for a donation or cost.

Fundraising Platforms

Wondering how to get your fundraiser off the ground? There are many ways to set it up.


If you need a personalised fundraising page or form for your crowdfunding campaign, get in touch, we can help set this up on our current platforms.


Use Social Media to create a buzz over personal fundraiser. Facebook makes this easy to set up and manage a fundraiser for your chosen cause and receive donations.


This software makes it easy to set up your own crowdfunding fundraiser. Set up your own fundraiser page and allow donations to roll in to your RMA.

Canada Helps

A nationwide platform that currently delivers donations to RMA, this software requires you to create an account and chose RMA as your chosen charity in order to create a fundraising campaign.