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Nakiska FAQ

Frequently asked questions about bookings located at Naksika Resort.

Where do I meet for my lesson?

Please meet our staff outside the RMA Shed at the Village area. If you would prefer to meet at the base of the mountain, please let us know. 

How much time will it take to get from the parking lot to the lesson meeting area?

The parking lot is approximately 250m from the meeting location

Where can I eat lunch?

There is indoor space to eat lunch inside the Day Lodge. There are food options available for purchase as well.

Is there a wheelchair accessible bus service from Banff or Canmore to this resort?

No, unfortunately there is no accessible transportation from Banff/Canmore to Nakiska available

Is there Disabled/Priority Parking?

Yes. Disability Parking is located near the drop off area. Please make sure your badge is visible to staff at the resort. 

Are there any disabled washrooms?

Yes. Disabled washrooms are available in the day lodge.

Is Nakiska accessible? Will I be able to use my wheelchair from parking lot to slopes?

Yes. There may be some snow coverage on certain parts of the trail. The parking lot drop off area is located by the resort entrance. 

Where can I store my wheelchair if renting a sit ski or taking a lesson?

Wheelchairs can be stored outside the Day Lodge. RMA will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.