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Lake Louise FAQ

Frequently asked questions about bookings located at Lake Louise Resort.

Where do I meet for my lesson?

You may request the Accessible Parking Lot (Left of the Main Lodge) or Ski School Office, Lower Floor of Main Lodge (not accessible).

How much time will it take to get from the parking lot to the lesson meeting area?

From the Accessible Parking Lot to the Ski School is a five minute walk. On busy days, the non-accessible parking options may be a twenty minute walk from the Lake Louise Ski School Office.

Where can I eat lunch?

The Whisky Jack Lodge has tables where you can eat you own lunch. The Lodge of the Ten Peaks has a cafeteria on the main floor, though maneuvering through the cafeteria may be difficult.

Is there a wheelchair accessible bus service from Banff or Canmore to this resort?

Not at this time. 

Is there Disabled/Priority Parking?

Disabled parking is located along the front row. Please have your pass visible.

Are there any disabled washrooms?

A designated wheelchair-accessible washroom is located in the Whisky Jack Lodge only. Ladies’ washrooms are also wheelchair accessible in the Whisky Jack Lodge. Men’s washrooms are wheelchair accessible in The Lodge of the Ten Peaks.

Is Lake Louise accessible? Will I be able to use my wheelchair from parking lot to slopes?

Paved pathways allow for wheelchair access from the main designated disabled parking area to both Whisky Jack Lodge and The Lodge of the Ten Peaks. Follow the signs along the wooden fence to access both lodges. In the winter, parts of this path may be covered in snow

Where can I store my wheelchair if renting a sit ski or taking a lesson?

You may store your wheelchair in the day lodge. RMA will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.