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Booking FAQ

Frequently asked questions about making a booking with RMA.

How do I make a booking?

Please head to to make a booking. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

I have questions or want to change my booking, how do I contact you?

We welcome you to get in touch so we can answer any questions you may have. Please call us during regular office hours at 403 431 1354 or email

How do I pay for my lesson?

Lessons must be paid prior to your lesson date, when making your booking or using the invoice you have received by email (a credit card is required). If you are having issues when paying, please contact us at

I am running late for my booking, who should I call?

Please provide us with as much warning as possible that you are running late. In this case please call our programming cell on 403 431 3541.

Does RMA provide personal care and if not, can my caregiver attend an activity?

RMA Staff and Volunteers cannot provide personal care for individuals participating in our activities. Carers are welcome to attend many of our activities, or we will arrange meeting times for carers and the adaptive guests if needed. If you have questions or concerns about presence of caregivers during any of our programming, please contact us at

Is there a discount for booking multiple lessons at once?

RMA offers a 5-pack and a 10-pack of adventures, that offer a 15% discount and 20% discount on your adventures respectively.  To book, please choose your first adventure and then add on the multi-pack of your choosing.  Once the booking is completed our staff will provide voucher codes for subsequent bookings.

Does my booking include rentals?

Yes, if you are taking part in a booking with RMA and it includes adaptive equipment (such as paddlesports equipment, hand cycles, and TrailRiders) then this equipment will be included in the cost of your booking. Please note that regular bikes are not in included in the cost of a booking.

I've taken a lesson with you, can I now rent the adaptive equipment I learnt to use?

This depends on your skill level and ability at the end of the lesson. Please get in touch with us to chat about if you have been passed to use the specified rental equipment.

Can I get fitted for my rental equipment the day prior to my lesson?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate fittings on the day prior to your lesson.