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Jun 21, 2024

Silvertip Resort, Canmore

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1. Register your team

Even if you are not sure who will be part of your team, the time to register is now! Early bird registrants receive $100 off team entry or $25 off individual entry until March 31. If you are not sure who your team members are, simply enter your name during registration. Make sure to email us as soon as you know who is joining your team.

2. Add Sponsorship

Want more coverage for your business? There are various sponsorship opportunities available – add sponsorship of the event to receive additional perks and benefits.

3. Share your involvement

Share your efforts on socials and tag us along your journey: Tags: Facebook:  @rockymtnadaptive & @silvertipresort & Instagram: @rockymtndaptive & @silvertipresort. Hashtags: #foreability #foreforgood #abilityseries #accessibleadventure #adaptedadventure #rma #nolimits.