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Triple Crown of Canmore

Jun 1 - Oct 1, 2023

Grotto Mountain, Canmore

The Triple Crown, Canmore style! This event invites you to take to summit 3 peaks in only 24 hours and will test you to your limits. Fundraising for RMA is optional.

24 Hours

3 Peaks

Hosted by the Georgetown Inn in Canmore, the Triple Crown of Canmore is a active event and optional fundraiser that pushes you to your limits! Hikers are challenged to conquer 3 mountains & 3217m Elevation Gain in 24 hours. Those who wish may create a fundraising page and get sponsored to take part.

Here’s the Challenge Details:

Challenge #1: Grotto Mountain

Distance: 8.7 km (round trip). Time: 4-6 hours. Elevation Gain: 1355m. It’s no walk in the park! The hike is steep and involves some serious scrambling. At the top you will be rewarded with great views of the Bow Valley and Canmore’s famous Three Sisters.

Challenge #2: Windtower Summit

Distance: 10 km (round trip). Time 4-6 hours. Elevation Gain: 922m. Embrace your inner mountain goat and slap on your best hiking hooves! Windtower is known or its incredible views of the breathtaking Spray Lake and for being super windy so dont forget your layers.

Challenge #3: Heart Mountain

Distance: 10.5km (round trip). Time: 4-6 Hours. Elevation Gain: 940m. The Heart Mountain Horseshoe Trail is the longest and most technical hike of the three. It might not be the steepest but it does have some serious scrambles, challenging descents and if the full loop is completed, you will actually pass three different peaks! The hike offers some of the best views in the valley.


Event Sponsor

Georgetown Inn Logo

Earn Bragging Rights

Enjoy a post hike drink (and their famous Nachos) at the Georgetown Inn. Conquerors of this event win a beer mug that gets you discounts on refills, and will have their name added to The Triple Crown Glory Board. What more could you want?

Be Prepared

It is recommended to avoid tackling any of these trails alone and to equip yourself with spikes, poles, bear spray, plenty of water & snacks, and weather appropriate attire (including good shoes/boots, extra layers, and rain gear). Download the AllTrails App for all information, directions and condition reports.


Participants can also choose to purchase a Triple Crown t-shirt with a portion of proceeds going to Rocky Mountain Adaptive. Get in touch to set up with your own fundraising page and get sponsored to take part!

Get Social

Hikers need to take a photo at each summit, and post those photos to The Georgetown Inn’s FB page Tags: Facebook:  @rockymountainadaptive & @georgetowninn & Instagram: @_rockymountainadaptive_ Hashtags: #triplecrowncanmore #fundraiser #accessibleadventure #adaptedadventure #rma #nolimits