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Apr 15, 2023

Sunshine Village, Banff

Teams of 2 or more, solve clues & compete in adaptive challenges to complete this unique ski, snowboard, and sit ski scavenger hunt. The event is open to all abilities and levels, with volunteer and adaptive equipment provided as needed.

Paralympic Inspired Fundraising

Get Shredding

If you are looking to get involved in some winter family friendly competition while supporting a great cause, ShredAbility offers a  fun packed day for all. It’s a great way to get involved in your community, meet individuals of all abilities (and maybe a Paralympian too!) while trying your hand at Paralympic inspired activities, all while racing around Sunshine Village solving clues.

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What is ShredAbility?

Teams of 2 solve clues & compete in unique adaptive challenges to complete this fundraising treasure hunt. This one-of-a-kind treasure hunt is available to Green, Blue or Black Runners. Teams may also join together to form teams of 4. This is a costume event & there are prizes for the best costume! Enjoy a great day out with family & friends and help raise money for a local charity, Rocky Mountain Adaptive.

What’s Involved?

A lot! Included in your day is a treasure hunt including adaptive challenges (try a sit ski!), breakfast, lunch, silent auction, prize giving, swag bags, your lift ticket and the chance to meet many or our awesome participants! There are prizes in many categories including Top Fundraiser, Best Costume, Slowest Team, and much more!

Fundraise to Enter!

Registration is $200 per person. A deposit of $25 per team member is required to secure your place. Getting sponsored is easy! Send your family and friends a link to your own fundraising page where they can sponsor you. Choose how much you wish to raise, and track your progress with your personalized ‘Olimometer’ (similar to a thermometer).

Get Social!

Share your efforts on socials and tag us along your journey: Tags: Facebook:  @sunshinevillage@rockymountainadaptive. Instagram: @_rockymountainadaptive_ & @sunshinevillage. Hashtags: #shredability #shredforgood #abilityseries #accessibleadventure #adaptedadventure #rma #nolimits.

Fundraising Progress

ShredAbility 2022 shredded its way to success. Can you help us reach our ultimate goal of $50,000 at Shred 2023?




$40,527 of $50,000 Raised

Choose your Team

Take part individually or as part of a team up to 2 people. Don’t have a team member yet? No worries – get registered as an individual and add your team mate at a later date, or let us partner you up.

Choose your Goal

How much do you want to fundraise? Prizing available for the top 3 fundraisers, including a Cat Ski Trip for 2 for the Top Fundraising Team! Fundraising goals must be a min. of $400/team and may be edited later.


Use our simple registration form to sign up. Registration is open until April 1. It’s $50 per team of 2. Answer questions about your team & fundraising goal. Then, get set up with your own fundraising page.

Plan Your Costume

ShredAbility is a costume event (optional). Costumes can be anything you want. Many teams choose to coordinate their team name with their costume idea. Prizes for best costume!

Get Sponsored

Raise sponsorship to take part by spreading the word about your involvement in ShredAbility and sharing your fundraising page. If raising $500 per team is challenge, please get in touch as we have sponsors ready to give you a boost.


8:30 am

Check-in & Breakfast Opens

Outside Creekside, Base

9:15 am

Treasure Hunt Starts

Outside RMA Shed, Village Area

10:00 am

Check-in & Breakfast Closes

Outside Creekside, Base

11:00 am

BBQ Lunch Opens

Outside Daylodge, Village Area

2:30 pm

BBQ Lunch Closes

Outside Daylodge, Village Area

3:00 pm

Prize Giving & Results

Outside Creekside, Base

4:00 pm

Silent Auction Closes

Outside Creekside, Base

4:30 pm

Silent Auction Pick Up


5:00 pm

Event Ends

Outside Creekside, Base

5:30 pm

Gondola Closes

Outside Creekside, Base

Rules & Guidelines

Teams and Parties

Teams should stay in a pair for the whole race. A party of  4, 6 or more may choose to stay as a group or separate during the race. Time will be added for teams who separate. There may be additional members added to certain teams who need assistance on the slopes.

Safety First

Your safety at this event is our number 1 priority. If you have any concerns please consult with RMA prior to registering. While you are racing around the mountain, please be aware of all other skiers and riders around you. Follow the Alpine Responsibility Code at all times.

Follow the Clues

Each different level of team will be following different clues. While it may be tempting to follow other teams who may seem ahead, this will not be in your best interest! Each clue contains numbers which will lead to spelling out a set of words at the end of the hunt.


Race time will start after you read the first clue. Once you start to read the first clue, the race timer will start the time. When you have finished the hunt, please check in with the race timer (location disclosed on last clue). They will register your end time.


There will be three Adaptive Challenge Zones located throughout the hunt, and you will be lead to their location via your clues. If another team is already participating in the challenge zone, you will wait until for a challenge leader. If you are required to wait for another team to finish the challenge, your race time will be paused until you start the challenge.


All sponsorship donations will be added to you total fundraising amount. Please note that self donations to your own team will be added to your total but will be excluded from counting towards the Highest Fundraiser Award. The cut off for all donations is 12pm on the day of ShredAbility.


We all need to ask for help sometimes! Should you require help with a clue, visit the RMA Tent (located outside the RMA shed in the Village area) or text us at 403 431 3541. Additions to your overall time are made each time you request assistance with a clue.


Para Alpine

Here, gates are placed in a course for you and your team mate to navigate, with one team member in a sit ski. Be careful, if either of your clips a gate this calls for a time penalty of 5 seconds being added to your overall time!

Did you know? There are six disciplines in Para Alpine skiing: downhill, Super-G, slalom, giant slalom, super combined, and team events.  Para-alpine skiing demands extreme agility, strength, and speed, with racers reaching and exceeding speeds of 100km/hour. For all events except slalom, athletes race one run and are ranked according to the fastest time. 

Para Ice Hockey

Team members will use required to use mini sticks to shoot at different targets in the net. To finish up this challenge, both teammates will get a breakaway opportunity to demonstrate their best moves.

Did you know? Para ice hockey (formerly sledge hockey) was added to the Paralympic Winter Games in 1994. Para Ice Hockey is the Paralympic sport version of ice hockey. All players have a lower body impairment and are strapped to a two-bladed sledge. They propel themselves with sticks spiked at one end and curved blades at the other for shooting.


This challenge involves sliding/shooting while visually impaired. One teammate will lead a blindfolded partner around the track using arm & word guidance. At the shooting range, the partner will explain the location of the target. Missed targets results in a penalty loop.

Did you know? Biathlon combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, but Para Biathlon differs as the skiers must always shoot from a prone position (lying down). For the shooting portion, skiers with a visual impairment use an electronic beam system including a headset that plays a varying acoustic signal to indicate when they are on target. The higher the pitch, the closer to the center of the target.

In It To Win It

Prizing & Swag

Top Prize: Highest Fundraiser

Win a cat ski trip for two with Powder Stagecoach Cat Skiing at Castle Mountain Resort. This incredible prize is available for the  team of 2 people who raised the highest amount of funds at each years event.


All other prize winning categories choose a $50 gift card and physical prize including (such as goggles, helmets, buffs, hats, socks, backpacks, bike kits & much more).


Top Fundraiser – 2nd & 3rd Place

Fastest Black, Blue Team, & Green Team

Winner of Challenge Zones

Best Costume

Youngest & Oldest Team

Slowest Black, Blue & Green Team

We Got Swag

Swag bags are available to each participant and include:

Banff Lodging Co Banff Cinema 2-1 Tickets

Clue Solvers Canmore Gift Cards

Art of Skin Canmore Facial Cream

Sunshine Village Goodies

Boston Pizza Kid’s Eat Free Vouchers


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShredAbility?

It is a giant clue-solving, Paralympic-inspired, ski & snowboard scavenger hunt, with unique adaptive challenge zones. ShredAbility takes place on Sunday April 11, at Sunshine Village. This event raises much needed funds for RMA’s programs. Registration closes on March 30, 2023. Please contact us for last minute registrations.

How do I register?

Use the button above to register. You will be required to pay an initial registration fee of $25/person ($50/team of 2). Registration secures your spot at the event, however, you will need to fundraise $450 per team to take part. If you are having trouble reaching this amount or want to set a new fundraising goal, please get in touch.

Who can take part?

This in accessible and inclusive event. We welcome individuals of all ages and abilities to take part. There are 3 levels of entry. Green (for green runners). Blue (for those happy to cruise green and blue runs), and Black (for those who are comfortable on all green, blue & black runs (double black runs excluded). Individuals may use skis, snowboards and sit skis to navigate the mountain.

How many people can be on a team?

Team members may include any multiple of 2. However, please not that for purposes of judging and prizing, teams of 2 will be judged separately for purpose of prizing. At registration, you will need to specify these individual teams. All teams of 2 may join others for the scavenger hunt. In addition, guest who require additional on hill assistance such individuals with a visual impairment, using a sit ski, or other mobility challenges, may request a volunteer addition to their team. This member may not fundraise for the team.

Is there prizing or swag?

Yes, of course! There are lots of prizes to be won. The top fundraising team will receive a Cat Ski Trip for 2 with Powder Stagecoach Cat Ski at Castle Mountain. Prizes are also awarded best costume, fastest team, slowest team, challenge zone winner, and youngest & oldest teams. Plus, there are swag bags for each team member. Learn more about prizing.

Are there any additional fees?

No, besides your transportation to the event, your day includes breakfast, lunch, and the price of your Sunshine Village lift ticket (as long as your team has raised the minimum amount required). Unfortunately, we are unable to reduce the entry fee for those who already possess lift tickets or season passes. If you wish to take part in the silent auction on the day of, a credit card will be required.

How do I raise money?

Register online, by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button (above). Once registered, we will invite you to set up your own fundraising page (much like a ‘Go Fund Me’) page. Use the link of this page to share with your friends and associated and watch the sponsorship roll in. You will be able to track who is donating to your team and what your total amount fundraised is.

What is the schedule for the day?

The schedule is outlined on this page. Please refer to it for further information. Prior to ShredAbility, you will be provided with a registration 30 min time slot. Please aim to arrive within this window.  From here you will grab breakfast, then head up the gondola to start the hunt! The scavenger hunt is timed from the time you read the first clue until you arrive at the final destination.

How do I find the clues?

You will be given the first clue. Solve each clue to find the next. Clues are spread around the mountain, generally located on wood posts or the front/back of maps. Some clues are more accessible than others. We recommend taking a photo of each clue so you can refer to it to find the next. If you get stuck on a clue and need help, you can call/text us on 403 431 1354 or visit the RMA help tent.

Can I get a tax receipt for taking part?

In order to comply with Canada Revenue Agency requirements, we cannot issue a tax receipt in exchange for your registration fee to the event. We can, however, issue receipts, for any donations made towards your team (including your own). All donors will receive a Canadian Tax Receipt. Please note: personal donations to your own team (self-pledge) cannot be included in the total for purposes of the top fundraising prize.

I don't want to take part, how I else can I help?

There are many ways to be involved in our fundraisers! Here are some options:

1. Become a ShredAbility Sponsor by signing up your organisation to sponsor the event.

2. Sign up as an Event Volunteer to provide much needed assistance on the day of.

3. Donate swag or a prize item.

4. Support a team of 2 RMA athletes to take part by sponsoring their registration fee of $500.