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Aug 5 - Sep 2, 2023

Lower Lake, Kananaskis

EndurAbility is a 4 week challenge encouraging you and your team to get active this summer! Stay focused and motivated to achieve your active goal in any distance related activity, while getting sponsored to take part.

Challenge Presented

Challenge Accepted

Take on the challenge with us! With EndurAbility, you are in charge. Choose your goal and your team members. With participants taking part from all different parts of the globe, there are no limits to what can be achieved. Need help in deciding your challenge? Take a look below or get in touch for more ideas. Plus, join us at our complementary in-person event, date TBC at the Canmore Nordic Centre, and kick start this event by joining us for paddling, biking and hiking.

What is EndurAbility?

EndurAbility is a 4 week challenge that runs from August 5 – September 2, 2023 and encourages you to get moving this summer by completing your activity goal. Stay focused and motivated by completing distance-based exercise activities such as running, walking, cycling, riding, rolling, swimming, etc. Take part individually or with a team. Download Strava and join our Strava Club to join the challenge, track your progress and get motivated.

What’s Involved?

As well as getting motivated to get active this summer, each team receives an exciting swag bag stuffed with goodies. Plus, Amazon Gift Cards are available to winning team categories.

Fundraise to Enter!

It’s free to take part. So grab a team and choose your active goal. Getting sponsored is easy! Send your family and friends a link to your own fundraising page where they can sponsor you. Choose how much you wish to raise, and track your progress with your personalized ‘Olimometer’ (similar to a thermometer).

Get Social

Share your efforts on socials and tag us along your journey: Tags: Facebook:  @rockymtnadaptive & Instagram: @_rockymtnadaptive_.Hashtags: #endurability #endurforgood #abilityseries #accessibleadventure #adaptedadventure #rma #nolimits.

Fundraising Progress

EndurAbility 2022 saw teams reaching new heights and goals. Plans are underway for EndurAbility 2023. Join us!




Choose your Team

Take part individually or as part of a team of up to 15 people. Your team may be virtual (teams who take part in different locations) or in person (take part in the same physical location).

Choose your Goal

Agree on a distance to complete (the length of a country or mountain trail or anything else). Ride, run, swim, roll, hike, walk, paddle, workout, or take part in any other distance based activity to achieve your goal.


Use our simple registration form to sign up. Registration is open until July 29. It’s free to enter! Answer questions about your team, activity, & fundraising goal. Then, get set up with your own fundraising page.

Track your Progress

Use Strava (or other app) to track your progress. Via Strava: create a ‘Challenge’ for your team and invite all team members to take part, and Join our club: EndurAbility 2023 (Rocky Mountain Adaptive).

Get Sponsored

Raise sponsorship to take part by spreading the word about your challenge and sharing your fundraising page. There is no minimum fundraising requirement!


9:00 am

Check-in & Breakfast

Lower Lot

Ends at 9:30 am

10:00 am

Activity 1 (Kayaking, Hiking, or Biking)


Ends at 12:00 pm

12:00 pm



Ends at 1:00 pm

1:00 pm

Activity 1 (Kayaking, Hiking, or Biking)


Ends at 3:00 pm

3:30 pm

Bonus Activity Session


Ends at 5:00 pm

5:30 pm

Events Ends

Lower Lot

Ends at 5:30 pm

Rules & Guidelines


Your team may consist of 1 – 20 people. Your team may consists of the following team types: household, family, cohort, or virutal team (those taking part from different locations).


The Challenges starts at 12:00am on the stipulated start date of EndurAbility and ends at 11:55pm on the last day of EndurAbility. You may take part in the challenge at any time during this period, either individually or with your team.


Share your efforts on socials and tag us along your journey: #EndurAbility #AdaptedAdventure #NoLimits. Follow along with our Ability Series on Facebook, and follow us on Facebook: @rockymtnadaptive & Instagram: @rockymtnadaptive


Your safety at this event is our number 1 priority. If you have any concerns about the challenge you are undertaking, please consult with your doctor prior to registering. Before heading out and about, please check that your trails are open and available for use. Make sure to bring weather appropriate gear and clothing for all activities.


All sponsorship donations will be added to you total fundraising amount. Please note that self donations to your own team will be added to your total but will be excluded from counting towards the Highest Fundraiser Award. The cut off for all donations is 11:55pm on the last day of EndurAbility.


At least one challenge is required in order for an individual or team to take part in EndurAbility. You may choose a challenge from our list, or create your own.

Track Your Progress

We recommend using Strava to track your progress. Download Strava and join our club (EndurAbility 2023 Rocky Mountain Adaptive) to share your progress and stay updated with other teams. Create a registration under your team name or use an existing account (that all team members may log in to) to track your teams’ progress. If you forget to use Strava to track your activity, you may do so manually after the activity. Learn more… 


Mountain Madness

Choose your target mountain. Take on the challenge by completing the distance of this mountain in person in one go, or tracking its distance using on other trails.

Did you know? The tallest mountain hiked is Mount Kilimanjaro, at an elevation of 5,895m. The shortest round trip of this intense mountain hike is 37km and the longest is 90km. Phew.

The Country Cross

What country could you cross? Choose your country and work out its distance. Then, use your app to track this distance on every distance based activity your partake in.

Did you know? The Great Trail, formerly known as the Trans Canada Trail, runs for a rather daunting or 24,000km and is currently the longest hiking trail in the world.

The 100 Miler

Exactly as it sounds. Use any distance based activity to complete 100 Miles (160.93 km). Choose any sport or recreational activity to achieve your goal.

Did you know? 100 mile challenges go on all over the world and are often called ultra marathons. They are often running events that allow up to 24 hours to complete.

In It To Win It

Prizing & Swag

Top Prize: Highest Fundraiser

Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card for your team, plus unlimited bragging rights!


All other prize winning categories receive a $50 – $100 gift certificate to Amazon. Gift Cards are issued to the team leaders.


Top Fundraiser – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place

Longest Average Distance

Longest Overall Distance

Most Challenging Goal

Most Activities Achieved

Spirit Cup

We Got Swag

Swag bags are available for pick up for each team and include:

Cluesolvers Play-at-Home Game Cards




Frequently Asked Questions

What is EndurAbility?

This event encourages you and your team to get active by choosing a distance based goal to complete. EndurAbility takes place from July 15 –  August 26, with an in-person event on July 15. This event raises much needed funds for RMA’s programs. Registration closes on July 8, 2023. Please contact us for last minute registrations.

How do I register?

*Registration is now closed* Use the utton above to register. You may register for  EndurAbility 6 (6 Week Challenge) and EndurAbility Action (in person event) on the same registration form. There is no registration fee required to take part in this event! After registration we ask that you raise a minimum goal of $100 per person via sponsorship or personal donation.

Who can take part?

This in accessible and inclusive event. We welcome individuals of all ages and abilities to take part, as well as participants from all over the world. This event is designed around each individuals’ abilities we encourage you and your team to set a goal that is both challenging and achievable. Any number of your team may attend the in-person event.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams consist of between 1-20 people. Team members may take on the challenge in person/together or remotely. Therefore, team members may take part in different locations. If you are looking to set up a team larger than 20 people, we encourage to create two teams.

Is there prizing or swag?

Yes, of course! Prizing is awarded to the top fundraising team and longest distance achieved (per person). Your prizes consists of Amazon gift cards (which will be emailed) and a prize pack selection. Swag packs are also available per team and will be mailed to the main contact upon registration (Canada only).

Are there any additional fees?

No, for EndurAbility 6, besides your transportation to your challenges and any equipment costs, there are no associated costs with taking part. When registering for EndurAbility Action, all adaptive equipment will be provided. Lunch, snacks, and non adaptive equipment is not provided.

How do I raise money?

Register online, by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button (above). Once registered, we will invite you to set up your own fundraising page (much like a ‘Go Fund Me’) page. Use the link of this page to share with your freinds and associated and watch the sponsorship roll in. You will be able to track who is donating to your team and what your total amount fundraised is.

What is the schedule for the day?

The schedule is outlined on this page. Please refer to it for further information. If registering for EndurAbility Action, you will be provided with a 30 min time slot in which to register. Please aim to arrive within this window.  From here, you can prepare for your first event of the day, the details of which will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Can I get a tax receipt for taking part?

If you choose to donate towards your teams fundraising efforts, a Canadian Tax Receipt will be issued to the email address logged. Please note: personal donations to your own team (self-pledge) cannot be included in the total for purposes of the top fundraising prize.