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A More Together Community

Wolfe Pack Warriors do what they can

A More Together Community

By Alana MacLeod on December 12, 2020

If you haven’t yet heard of the Wolfe Pack Warriors, I’m sure you soon will. The group is the way Wolfe Chevrolet GMC Buick Canmore is connecting to the community and their endeavors are already reaching far and wide across the Bow Valley.

On a quiet overcast Monday afternoon, I spoke with Kristy Wolfe, director of special initiatives at Wolfe Canmore, about what being part of the Wolfe Pack means. Her husband, Harrison Wolfe, is the Dealer Principal at Wolfe Canmore, so the concept of a “pack” extends to their own family pack as well, working with staff to create unity among the community.

I’ve met Kristy before through her photography work (which you should absolutely check out when given the chance) and so the conversation flowed easily. Kristy is one of those people who has the unique ability to make a person feel comfortable and at ease quite quickly, her words hugging you like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. While I had called her this particular Monday to chat about Wolfe Pack Warriors and its community contributions, she still found the time to ask me if I needed anything, if I was doing okay.

A young boy looks at the camera wearing a toy stethoscope

It’s this type of care and kindness Wolfe Pack Warriors strives to meet in the community and beyond. “A big idea behind Wolfe Pack Warriors is building community,” she said. “We want our culture to be that we’re there for our community, and we’re also there for our own team.” Wolfe Pack Warriors has taken on a philanthropic role since its inception, including helping deliver groceries to those stuck at home throughout this pandemic.

“We started talking and when COVID hit, we thought how can we help? Well, we have cars,” said Kristy. “Once we were doing that, we wanted to do more. What else can we be doing? How else can we support our community?”

A black car with trunk open outside 'Save on Foods'

Wolfe Pack Warriors also raised $20,000 through their own initiative called Sharing Our Hearts for Kids like Kane for Patient and Family Centered Care through both the Alberta Children’s Hospital and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. Kane is Kristy and Harrison’s son and at eight, he has had two open heart surgeries (you can read about his journey on Kristy’s blog here). Kane is one of the inspirations for Wolfe Pack Warriors.

And, of course, Wolfe Pack Warriors supports us here at Rocky Mountain Adaptive, too. Their contributions help us to continue running programming, buy new equipment, and put smiles on faces. “Rocky Mountain Adaptive fits into our goals within the community… How do we make things accessible for everyone here in the mountains when it comes to outdoor activities?” Kristy said.

“I just thought I can’t believe [RMA] is here already and we just need to connect with [them].” In the coming months, the Wolfe Automotive Group is generously helping RMA acquire some new equipment, while supporting us in other ways as well. “I think people that are coming to the mountains are often more risk-taking type athletes, and nobody knows when something is going to go wrong,” she said. “With RMA, one of the things that drew me right away is the stories. Sharing stories like that really reminds people that you can find the positive.”

A calendar of events encouraging positive mental health

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